PHOTO CAPTION: Romney with coal miners who were compelled by their employer to attend event without pay.

Romney Does 180 on Energy Policy

Republican candidate for U.S. President shifted to right on energy as run for White House beckoned.

Published: 02-Oct-2012

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney, true to his roots as the son of an auto executive, was talking about cars.

It was May 2006. Mr. Romney, the Massachusetts governor, was chatting up his Montana counterpart about his vision for an energy-efficient car of the future — lightweight and narrow, with tandem-style seating, so that two vehicles could drive side by side in one highway lane.

“He was getting animated about all these little cars that would be driving around in these lanes,” Brian Schweitzer, the Montana governor, recalled in an interview. Mr. Schweitzer, a Democrat, laughed, thinking about how Republicans might react. “I said, ‘Mitt, if you ever run for president, don’t ever talk about that again.’ ”


Alberta tar sands produce vast areas of toxic waste at high costs.

The ever-higher cost of oil extraction means it is delivering substantially less energy 'profit' or surplus wealth to society than it used to.

Solar energy has now surpassed 100 GW globally.

R. P. Siegel reports that solar power has now surpassed the 100 GW threshold and is good to go, in many places, without subsidies.

Solar energy powers a sterling engine at Sandia Lab's test facility in New Mexico.

By 2030, renewables will account for 70 percent of new power supply worldwide, according to projections released today from Bloomberg New Energy Finance.


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