PHOTO CAPTION: Smart Electric Drive

Smart Electric Drive Now Lowest Priced EV

The starting price of the car, factoring in the tax charges as well as a home charger, turns out to be nearly $21,000.

Published: 04-Oct-2012

Electric vehicles are highly preferable to conventional rides when it comes to environmental factors. EVs leave a lot smaller carbon footprint on the environment compared to the cars running on gas and that is one of the major selling-point of EVs.

However, one of the chief constraints for EVs from going mass-popular is that they are mostly very expensive. Plus, the cost of recharging your drive with electric power outdoes that of using gasoline. This may change with SmartForTwo, which is the cheapest EV so far.

The Smart ForTwo ED Coupe comes at a bare price of $25,000, excluding the delivery charges. Even then, it turns out to be the cheapest ride juiced up with electric power. The neat design of the car is also quite enticing.


smart electric car used in car2go carshare program.

The 300 car2go vehicles and other electric cars in Amsterdam will have access to more than 250 charging stations in the city.

Rinspeed Dock+Go range extender concept.

SmartED's EV range would be extended by Dock+Go third axle by built-in generator.

smart pickup concept can haul two bicycles.

Both the concept pickup and its pair of smart bicycles are powered by electricity.


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