Electric Vehicle Use Expanding in the Philippines

In addition to electric jeepneys and buses, Manila's police constabulary are using electric tri-cycles.

Published: 21-Oct-2012

MANILA - The usage of electric vehicles in the Philippines has been growing since they were introduced in 2007, albeit slowly due to cost and the unavailability of key parts in the local market.

Yvonne Castro of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines is optimistic, however, there will be a boom in the industry because of support from the government and the growing consciousness about clean energy and climate change.

After the introduction of e-jeepneys five years ago, e-tricycles began plying some streets of the capital Manila and some other cities.


e-Jeepney is electric-powered shuttle used in Manila.

Manila Standard's Dean Tony La ViƱa explores the potential of combining electric vehicles and the electric power grid, one that increasingly makes use of renewable sources.

Philippine school girls ride in ADB co-founded electric tricycle taxis.

Philippine government also will provide a $99-million counterpart funding for the E-trikes project to deploy more of the electric taxis.


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