PHOTO CAPTION: Ford Focus Electric can be leased for either 24 or 36 months for $199/month.

Ford Offers $199 Lease on 2013 Focus Electric

Both 24 and 36-month leases are comparable to similar one offered by select Nissan dealers for the Leaf electric car.

Published: 30-Oct-2012

The battle of low-cost electric car leases has expanded: Ford is now enticing new customers to its 2013 Ford Focus Electric with offers as low as $199 per month.

Nissan has attracted new customers with 24- and 36-month leases for its Leaf electric car at a base price of $199/month.

This has greatly increased showroom traffic for the Leaf, says Los Angeles salesspecialist Paul Scott at Downtown Nissan dealership, and started to boost anemic Leaf sales numbers.


Ford C-Max plug-in hybrid engine prototype

Consumer Reports next-generation system will be more efficient and cost 30% less.

Ford Focus Electric rolling off line at Michigan Assembly Plant.

Ford fast charge technology will allow Focus Electric to recharge at 240V twice as fast as the Nissan LEAF.

Ford C-Max Energi

Line-up ranges from hybrid to plug-in to all-electric vehicles.


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