PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla Model S stickers for $102,000, plus $600 service plan.

Tesla Model S Wows Bloomberg Reviewer

If I had $102,000 for my latest luxury ride, I’d take a chance on it, concludes Jason Harper.

Published: 01-Nov-2012

The Tesla (TSLA) Model S is an all-electric car with incredible range. That may be the least interesting thing about it.

I stepped into the $92,000, battery-powered sedan with low expectations. By the time I exited, I was pretty sure I’d just experienced the future of the automobile.

Tesla and its chief executive officer, Elon Musk, are constant sources of hyperbole. I just didn’t expect to be spreading it.


Tesla Model S seats up to seven passengers.

VentureBeat gets early look at car that can seat 5 adults and two children.

Tesla Roadster will be offered as Final Edition priced at $109,000.

15 Final Edition models are all painted in Atomic Red paint with dark stripes and anthracite aluminum wheels.

Tesla Model X will seat seven.

Crossover model will be priced between $55,000 to $75,000 depending on battery options.


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