PHOTO CAPTION: President Barack Obama tours GM's Hamtramck assembly plant to see Volts being built.

Poll Finds Overwhelmingly Support for Obama Green Technology Policies

Monthly-long reader poll reveals 87 percent support for Obama Administration 'green' technology policies.

Published: 01-Nov-2012


OMAHA, NE - November 1, 2012. Republican Presidential candidate Willard 'Mitt' Romney has focused much of his campaign criticizing the Obama Administration's policies promoting the development and deployment of 'green technologies,' calling electric car start-ups like Tesla Motors and Fisker Automotive 'losers.'

Based on a just-completed month-long poll of EV World ( readers, there is overwhelming support for the President's policies.

When asked, "Do you agree with President Obama's efforts to stimulate the development and deployment of green technologies?", 87% of the 902 respondents answered "Yes." In contrast, only 11% (101) chose "No." Two percent (20) indicated they "Don't Know."

"This is the widest spread we've ever seen in our polling since we began asking our readers their opinions in 2001," said EV World publisher Bill Moore.

"We felt that given the sharp polarity between the two candidates on this issue, it was important that we try to understand how our readers feel about the Administration's approach to 'green' technologies in general, especially since so much public criticism has been focused on electric vehicles and their related technologies, including solar and advanced batteries.

"Of course," Moore continued, "we recognize that the poll is hardly scientific, since by its very nature it would tend to attract readers with strong political views. Still, it does suggest that among our readers, at least, there is firm support for the President on this issue."

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J. William Moore, Publisher
EV World.Com, Inc.
Omaha, NE.

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