PHOTO CAPTION: Solar Pump Station for recharging e-bikes and cellphones.

SolarPump Powers Up E-Bikes and Cellphones

Start-up Sol Design Lab uses solar panels and old gasoline pumps to offer pollution free recharging for electric-assist bicycles and cellphones.

Published: 02-Nov-2012

When Beth Ferguson was a graduate student at the University of Texas in Austin a few years ago, she couldn’t park her electric bike anywhere.

She tried plugging it in outside of the school and was warned to get it out of the way. She tried putting it in bike racks and was warned to get her “gas-powered” bike out of the rack.

That’s what inspired the ecological design student to develop a clever and attractive solar-powered charging station specifically for electric bicycles and mobile electronics.


Close up view of retro-style Juicer 48 electric motorbike.

Despite their advantages, electric-assisted bicycles or e-motorbikes/mopeds that can travel faster than 15 mph are required to be registered as a motorcycle in UK.

Vauxhall/Opel RAD concept pedal-assist e-bike.

Computer rendering of electric pedal-assist bicycle would be answer to smart's own electric bicycle initiative.

Sparta ion RXS electric bicycle.

A large-scale market survey reports that in particular buyers in the age group under 55 years are about to enter the e-bike market.


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