PHOTO CAPTION: Amarok P1 Electric Racing Bike

Amarok P1 Is Canada's First Racing Motorcycle

Hand-built bike tips the scales at just over 325 lbs, much less than its gasoline-powered counterparts, and features 80hp produced by the electric motor.

Published: 02-Nov-2012

SHUBENACADIE — Michael Uhlarik hopes to put Nova Scotia on the map in the electric motorcycle industry.

Originally from Sudbury, Ont. Michael is an industrial designer who specializes in creating style and function. After working with Piaggio, Yamaha, and Bombardier, Michael moved to Halifax last year with his wife Michelle, who is originally from New Brunswick.

Since 2010, Michael has been working to develop his prototype electric racing motorcycle, the Amarok P1. In 2007, he went to a motorcycle show in Milan, where he saw a modern electric scooter produced by a U.S. company. He wasn’t impressed with the design, but the idea of the electric motor intrigued him.


Monacasco electric motorcycle concept.

Electric motorcycle is inspired by Grand Prix winner in the 1960s

Tork T003X prototype electric motorcycle being developed in India.

The development mule is built around the Yamaha YZF-R15 frame is capable of reaching speeds upwards of 220km/hr.


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