PHOTO CAPTION: 2,961 Chevrolet Volts were sold in October 2012.

Plug-In Car Sales in USA Continue Climbing in October

John Voelcker reports on October sales of plug-in cars in USA with Volt seeing its best sales month since its launch in late 2010.

Published: 02-Nov-2012

The good news for plug-in electric car sales just keeps on keeping on.

In October, Chevy sold 2,961 Volts--the highest-ever single-month total--and Nissan continued a recent resurgence, selling 1,579 Leafs.

Those numbers compare with 2,851 Volts sold in September and 984 Leafs the same month.


Chevrolet Vol being crash tested. GM asserts battery was no deactivated after the test.

GM defends plug-in hybrid charging that had NTHSA followed protocols for deactivating the battery after the crash the first would not have occurred.

Chevy Cruze served as Volt development 'mule.'

Hybrid system would use parallel architecture akin to that of the Prius, presumably the target competition.

Chevy Spark EV first debuts in India.

Reports sees all-electric Spark coming to US market by 2013 using A123 lithium cells and GM manufactured 85 kW electric motor.


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