PHOTO CAPTION: Lord Drayson with Lola-Drayson Formula E racer.

London Olympic Park Proposed for Electric Racing Venue

Former UK Science Minister and now race car builder Lord Drayson, has suggested the Olympic Park could be a venue for the upcoming Formula E series.

Published: 08-Nov-2012

Olympic sports events leave a lasting impression on the countries they visit.

Not just in terms of athletes, but in the facilities they leave behind. London's 2012 Olympic Games were no different, and several companies are attempting to find a use for the huge Olympic park specially constructed to host the games.

One of those could involve electric cars--a race series, to be precise.


Prototype Formula E racer: 10 teams will be provided with 4 cars each.

Spark Racing Technology, in collaboration with McLaren will build the cars for racing series to commence in 2014.

Spark-Renault Formula E racer debuts at 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show

The advantages of electric cars will be demonstrated on city streets starting in 2014.

Formula E racer developed by Renault-Spark.

Hong Kong will be third leg of 10-race series for all-electric Formula E race cars.


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