PHOTO CAPTION: Toyota RAV4 EV with Leviton charger.

Toyota RAV4 EV Not Entirely Compatible With All Public Chargers

In addition to Leviton chargers, Toyota confirms that the second generation RAV 4 EV is compatible with some AeroVironment, Blink,Clipper, Coulomb, Eaton and Schneider Level 2 chargers.

Published: 09-Nov-2012

Toyota has notified their dealer network that some 2012 RAV4 EV customers may complain of a “Check EV System” warning message after they try to charge their vehicle at a public Level 2 electric vehicle charging station. “Level 2” refers to a 240V AC electric vehicle charging station, or EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment).

Toyota uses Leviton Manufacturing as its Level 2 EVSE supplier. Leviton offers 16A, 30A, and 40A charging stations, approved for use with the 2012 RAV4 EV. Toyota has also confirmed basic compatibility between the RAV4 EV and the following Level 2 charging stations:

Aerovironment: Level 2 EVSE-RS
Blink/Ecotality: Level 2 Charge Station
ChargePoint/Coulomb Technologies: CT2000 Series
Clipper Creek: CS Series
Eaton: EV Charging Station (residential)
Eaton: Pow-R-Station (commercial)
Schneider Electric: EVLink Indoor Charging Station (EV2430WS)


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