Are Electric Cars Really Climate Killers?

John Voelcker takes on electric car critics, slanted reports and sensationalist web sites in pursuit of visitor traffic, not necessarily the facts.

Published: 09-Nov-2012

This seems to be our time for debunking dumb stories about plug-in electric cars.

First, we had to educate a Forbes columnist (and oil-industry consultant) about how the auto industry works.

Now, it's time to offer some gentle guidance to all those journalists who covered last month's release of a study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology that says, in essence, that plug-in cars are worse emitters of carbon dioxide on a wells-to-wheels basis than gasoline or diesel cars.


Lithium all-electric streetfighter-style concept motorcycle.

Xenon Tron Lightcyvle replica will sell for $50,000.

German Chancellor Merkel with French President Sarkozy.

Andrew McKillop questions the viability of electric cars based on resource limitations.

BEA-tricks converted Citroen Berlino electric van drove 621 miles on single charge.

Seeing Alpha bloger, Retirefund, cites examples of electric vehicles now able to travel more than 600 miles on charge, and offers investment suggestions.


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