PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF in New York City cab livery

DC Electric Car Plan Runs Into Opposition

Officials in Arlington, VA worried that Nissan LEAF taxis would not be able to make 26 mile trip out to Dulles Airport.

Published: 09-Nov-2012

It looks like one Washington, DC-area cab operator looking to have an all-electric fleet of cabs isn't quite ready for takeoff.

Officials in Arlington, VA, unanimously voted against green-lighting Electric Vehicle Taxicab founder Malik Khattak's efforts to go all-Nissan Leaf with his fleet because the officials are concerned over the EVs making the trip to Dulles Airport, Plug In Cars reports.

With Dulles located 26 miles from central DC, officials worried about the prospect of Leafs not being able to make the trip without a recharge. Khattak, who'd planned for 50 Leafs and 56 charging stations in the area, said that the installation of a charging station at Dulles would solve that issue.



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