Dual-Power Capability Of Electric Hybrids Needs Exploiting

New Jersey.com believes that 'a simple tweak at the production line could promote plug-ins to driveway champions, bravely thwarting the terrors of power outages.'

Published: 09-Nov-2012

Sometime last Thursday it happened.

An all-electric Nissan Leaf was recharged by a portable gas generator during New Jersey’s second Eocene period – started by the emergence of Hurricane Sandy rather than mammals.

At one point, MacGyvering a de-facto hybrid was considered.


OSCar eO Dakar off-road racer

Latvian-built OSCar eO was equipped by 52kWh Winston Battery lithium battery pack.

Illustration of Volta Volare electric hybrid private aircraft.

Four-place aircraft would have electric range of 300 miles with hybrid range up to 1000 miles.

Chevrolet Volt navigates down Lombard Street in San Francisco.

Sales of pure electric cars so far in 2012 are just over 4,100 unites, while sales of Volt top more than 8,800 for same period.


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