PHOTO CAPTION: Tony Posawatz headed up GM's Chevrolet Volt program prior to joining Fisker as CEO.

Rumored: Fisker Planning Volt Competitor

Now that Tony Posawatz, who ran the Chevy Volt program at GM, is the CEO at Fisker Automotive, speculation centers around a third electric hybrid model after the Karma and the Atlantic.

Published: 12-Nov-2012

While Fisker Automotive is unabashedly targeting the luxury market with the Fisker Karma, its plug-in hybrid luxury sedan, the company has long promised its long term goal was to build lower priced electric or plug-in hybrid cars for the masses. The now-delayed Fisker Atlantic is a step in that direction, and now rumors are surfacing of a new, even lower priced, plug-in hybrid car designed by the Fisker team.

InsideEV's claims to have unearthed a presentation given to investors earlier this year describing a third EVer (a.k.a. plug-in hybrid) car built on an all-new platform, the "P Platform".

The new car would plant Fisker Automotive in another segment of the market. Its existing car, the Fisker Karma, sits in the luxury car market competing against the high end of BMW, Mercedes and Audi. The Fisker Atlantic, when it, if it ever, goes into production, will be competing against the middle-grade cars from the same automakers. This P Platform car would be targeted against General Motors in the "entry level premium segment."


Fisker Karma luxury plug-in hybrid sedan.

Technischer Üeberwachungs Verein (TÜV), Europe’s recognized automotive certification agency, validates both fuel ecomomy at 112 mpg and CO2 emissions at 51g/km.

Fisker Karma uses A123 Systems lithium battery pack.

Memo cites misaligned hose clamps on cooling system that could cause coolant leak and possible electrical short.

Fisker Karma recalled to repair or replace coolant system clamp on battery pack.

Majority of customer and dealer-held Karmas have either had new battery installed or the faulty hose clamp repaired.


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