The Future Is Driving Electric

Environment concerns, rising fuel prices will spur sales

Published: 12-Nov-2012

Yesterday, the British Columbia Automobile Association launched a new initiative that it hopes will help demystify and educate its members about the electric vehicle (EV). Although EV sales are currently a small fraction of the total car market, research conducted by the Canadian Automobile Association indicates that 42 per cent of its members, across Canada, would consider an EV for their next vehicle.

The electrification of the modern car started with hybrid cars, such as the highly successful Toyota Prius, about 12 years ago. Many hybrids can now be operated in a full-electric driving mode for a few kilometres. There's also a whole new generation of hybrids arriving that plug-in to the main electric grid and these can allow the vehicle to be driven in an electric drive mode for up to 25 kilometres.

And then there's the pure electric vehicle (EV) that relies completely on a large battery pack to store and supply electrical energy.


Lithium all-electric streetfighter-style concept motorcycle.

Xenon Tron Lightcyvle replica will sell for $50,000.

German Chancellor Merkel with French President Sarkozy.

Andrew McKillop questions the viability of electric cars based on resource limitations.

BEA-tricks converted Citroen Berlino electric van drove 621 miles on single charge.

Seeing Alpha bloger, Retirefund, cites examples of electric vehicles now able to travel more than 600 miles on charge, and offers investment suggestions.


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