PHOTO CAPTION: Freego Electric Bike being sold in Australia.

Electric Bikes Offer Australians Transport Alternative

Freego Electric Bikes available in four models available with the cheapest costing about $1,850 and the most expensive about $2,200.

Published: 14-Nov-2012

As petrol prices continue to skyrocket unabated, getting around on a bicycle is becoming increasingly popular and cost effective.

This cheap alternative to car journeys, however, isn't available to all as many people are physically unable to peddle long distances.

This is where the Freego Electric Bike comes in handy as it offers users the ability to get around without the physical exertion associated with cycling.


20 pct of all bikes sold in Austria in 2011 were electric assist.

Twenty percent of the 480,000 bicycles bought in 2011 were electric-assist.

HE Line Street Racer costs $9,250.

The HE Line comes in 4 series, A, B, D, E, the bikes cover mountain use, even snow, and other shorter urban range mobility.

Ultramotors A2B electric bicycle is just one of scores of models.

Last year, about 25 million e-bikes were sold in China; in the U.S. the number was under 100,000.


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