PHOTO CAPTION: 2014 Chevrolet Impala will come with e-Assist mild hybrid option.

GM to Focus on Battery and Electric Hybrid Cars

General Motors plans to focus on opposite ends of electrification spectrum from mild-hybrids at one end and extended range electric vehicles at the other, leaving Toyota the middle of the market.

Published: 14-Nov-2012

SAN FRANCISCO -- General Motors' future green-car efforts will focus on plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles rather than conventional hybrid powertrains, product chief Mary Barra said today.

Barra said GM has narrowed its future development emphasis in an effort to defend its leadership position attained with the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. GM will unveil an electric Spark minicar this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

"A major focus for GM's electrification strategy will center on the plug," Barra said via a satellite feed to reporters gathered here for a GM event. She added that plug-ins offer "a unique opportunity to change the way people commute" and that Volt owners "love the ability to refuel at home."


Crash testing Chevrolet Volt

General Motors addressing public perception concerns as well as investigating engineering issues of crashed Volt batteries.

Chevrolet Volt battery reinforcement being installed

Trio of safety systems engineered to prevent battery pack penetration and coolant leakage in crash.

Vauxhall Ampera electric hybrid will be sold in Britain.

Andrew England with the Telegraph takes the Ampera over the steepest hill climb in the British Isles.


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