UQM Develops E-Motor Without Rare Earth Metals

Non-rare earth electric motor developed under $4 million Department of Energy grant.

Published: 16-Nov-2012

UQM Technologies in Longmont on Tuesday reported a "significant breakthrough" in its development of non-rare-earth magnet electric motor design, part of the work it's doing under a $4 million Department of Energy grant.

The work on developing the magnets for electric motors in vehicles for consumer and commercial applications.

"The key to using non-rare-earth magnets in electric motors for vehicles is our patent-pending motor geometry, which in part defines the shape and magnetization direction of the permanent magnets," said Jon Lutz, UQM vice president of engineering. "The completion of the electromagnetic design and analysis task is a significant step in the process of advancing motor and generator technology for electric and hybrid electric vehicles, providing an alternative to rare-earth magnets in permanent-magnet motor designs."


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