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PHOTO CAPTION: Electric assist bicycles are giving seniors the opportunity to keep riding.

Aussie Boomers Discovering E-Bikes

Baby boomers are the driving force behind skyrocketing sales of electric bicycles.

Published: 18-Nov-2012

Spurred on by technology, a new generation of cyclists is taking over Canberra's streets, and it's not the Lycra brigade leading the charge. Baby boomers are the driving force behind skyrocketing sales of electric bicycles.

Running on lithium-ion batteries with a small electric motor designed to assist rather than replace pedalling, e-bikes have sold in their millions in Asia and are starting to take off in Australia, the United States and Europe.

Five years ago Fyshwick bike store Pushys did not sell any battery-operated bikes. Now co-owner of the warehouse Shane Wolki says electric bikes make up 10 per cent of all sales.


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Close up view of retro-style Juicer 48 electric motorbike.

Despite their advantages, electric-assisted bicycles or e-motorbikes/mopeds that can travel faster than 15 mph are required to be registered as a motorcycle in UK.

Vauxhall/Opel RAD concept pedal-assist e-bike.

Computer rendering of electric pedal-assist bicycle would be answer to smart's own electric bicycle initiative.

Sparta ion RXS electric bicycle.

A large-scale market survey reports that in particular buyers in the age group under 55 years are about to enter the e-bike market.


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