PHOTO CAPTION: Pre-production Chevrolet Spark EV will be debut at Los Angeles Auto Show.

GM Waypoint App Helps Spark EV Drivers Find Charge Stations

Waypoint will assist Spark EV owners in determining if they can reach their planned destination on a single charge or find charge stations along the the way.

Published: 18-Nov-2012

rolet is launching the brand’s first pure-electric vehicle — the 2014 Spark EV (and its 400 lb.-ft. of torque) next year. Unfortunately, the limitation imposed by the electric range is a normal reality when it comes to today’s pure-electric vehicles, with the Spark EV being no exception. So to help mitigate the uncertainty and concern surrounding the car’s range, The General is adding a component to the OnStar RemoteLink application that will address the possible range anxiety of its EVs.

Called Waypoint, the new feature will become a part of RemoteLink app and will assist Spark EV owners in determining if they can reach their planned destination on a single charge, if they will need to stop and charge their vehicle to reach the destination, or if the route is beyond the range of the vehicle entirely; if the destination is beyond a single charge and requires the vehicle to stop and charge, Waypoint will also plot a route with recommended charging stations.

In practice, the driver will launch the RemoteLink app and select the destination using the app’s navigation feature. Once the destination is selected, the Waypoint feature will compare the distance of the destination to the remaining battery life of the Spark EV, and tell the driver one of the following four things:

Destination is within the range of a single charge


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