PHOTO CAPTION: Venturi's Gildo Pastor (left) discusses route of Mission Africa electric car challenge to Prince Albert II (right).

Monaco's Plugged In Prince Albert II

Monaco's Prince Albert II proves a strong ally for electric-drive technology.

Published: 19-Nov-2012

It doesn’t take long before you figure it out. Monaco is a car town. The winding roads have played host to the Grand Prix for more than 70 years. The streets are full of remarkable automobiles – Lamborginis among the most beautiful. And residents will proudly tell you that the fomula one cars that race around their streets once each year are the pride of the town.

Leading the car culture is Prince Albert II, His Serene Highness. The monarch of this principality, Prince Albert II is the son of Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly. He assumed the throne in 2005 on the death of his father. With 0% unemployment and a small and wealthy population, he’s a man who clearly doesn’t have to spend much time concerned about the day to day issues that affect most of us. Monaco seems to float above the world’s problems and concerns.

Which is why it’s so notable that Prince Albert has taken a passionate interest in the issues effecting the environment. Prince Albert has gone green. And, given the impact of greenhouse gasses on the environment, he’s decided to take a leadership position in an area that is certain to be less than popular among the hard driving, gas-guzzling owners and fans of Fomula One Racing.


Venturi converted Berlingo crosses the Gobi Desert in record-setting drive from Shanghai-to-Paris.

Electric car, which will travel from Kenya to South Africa, will be revealed at Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies Show of Monaco.

'Powered by  VENTURI' handcap van.

Based on Peugeot van, the 'Powered by VENTURI' EV will be part of Nice, France's year-old carshare program and can be booked by caregivers and families through the AUTOBLEUE web site.

Xavier Chevin drove  more than 8,300 miles in 2010 from Shanghai, China to Paris, France in an all-electric vehicle.

Xavier Chevrin, who drove from Shanghai to Paris in a Venturi-powered Citroen Berlingo, set off to drive from Kenya to South Africa in similar all-electric vehicle.


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