PHOTO CAPTION: First road-legal Catavolt S6

Catavolt Delivers First Production, Street-Legal Electric Motorcycle

Catavolt electric motorcycle has range up to 150 km (93 mi) and costs AUD$18,000.

Published: 23-Nov-2012

Two-wheel speed, powered by the sun, is on the streets of Newcastle suburbs.

Jon Eggenhuizen’s Catavolt electric motorcycle is now street-legal, and registered for its owner, radiologist Christian Abel.

Mr Eggenhuizen said it was Australia’s first road-registered, prototype electric motorcycle.


Michael Rutter riding MotoCzysz electric superbike in 2012 Isle of Man TT Zero Race.

Michael Rutter became the first rider to complete the 37-mile mountain course at more than 100mph.

CRP Energica electric motorcycle prototype

The main goal of Italian motorcycle manufacturer CRP is to use the Energica all-electric cycle to tap into the market for efficient motorcycles and street bike gear

O2 Pursuit prototype uses standard SCUBA tank to story compressed air.

Prototype, based on a Yamaha WR250R frame is said to be able to travel over 60 miles on a single tank, and up to 87 mph.


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