PHOTO CAPTION: Tacita T-Race electric motocross racer

Putting Tacita T-Race Electric Motocross Bike to Desert Test

Autoevolution reports on first 'real-world' motocross test of an electric motorcycle in Morocco.

Published: 27-Nov-2012

We can't help happily smiling after we've seen the Tacita T-Race, a most welcomed appearance in the electric motorcycle market. We're looking at (probably) the first electric motorcycle to be tested in a real life cross-country rally (Merzouga, Morocco) and we hope we'll get to see more of these machines soon.

The Tacita stands for “Silent” in Latin, and you could easily guess why the name. Since cross-country rally racing is more to bikes' endurance and range than it is to speed alone, we are still wondering about the Tacita's range. Rumors claim the Tacita T-Race can last a whole day's riding on a full charge, but still we'd like to see some official data on that.

However, the Tacita T-Race is loaded with 4 Lithium-Polymer batteries intelligently loaded on the bike for a nifty balance. Despite the power storage, the Tacita T-Race is said to weigh in at less than 180 kg (397 lbs). The batteries come with more than 10 kWh energy storage and that's why the no-memory Li-Po batteries can be recharged anytime and anywhere with the supplied charger.


Patrick Trahan rides Tacita electric Endro bike in Tracita T-Race in2012

Company will debut three models of their all-electric motorcycles: T-R C Cross, T-R E Enduro and T-R R Rally.


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