PHOTO CAPTION: Ford C-Max Energi electric hybrid starts at $32,950.

C-Max Is Serious Competitor to Prius 'v'

Sam Haymart test drive the Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid and concludes it out performs Toyota's Prius v and is more fun to drive.

Published: 28-Nov-2012

Today we took our first drive in Ford's new C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid to sample their new competitor to Toyota's Prius v. Does the new C-Max rise to all the hype and make you smile like the cute cartoon guy on the TV commercials? It just might.

The C-Max is a new versatile people mover that is not quite a minivan, not an SUV, nor a station wagon. Instead it's a tall kind of combination of all three, combining the best traits of all. Its chassis is low like a car, but its capacity more like a small SUV. Its styling, well more cool than a mini van.

Ford's new C-Max replaces last year's Escape Hybrid, which now only comes in a gasoline model. The C-Max only comes in a hybrid or plug-in hybrid known as the Energi. The strategy is much akin to Toyota's with the Prius line.


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Ford C-Max Energi

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