PHOTO CAPTION: While majority of ebikes are owned by baby boomer generation, younger riders will even this out.

Dutch Milestone: 1 Million E-Bikes

Some 5 percent of bikes in Holland are now electric-assist with this expected to rise to 20 percent.

Published: 28-Nov-2012

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – The e-bike boom in the Netherlands is often regarded as an outlook for other countries. By the end of this year the total fleet of e-bikes in the Netherlands will amount one million units. A milestone.

“The market for e-bikes keeps growing and growing”, said Otto van Boggelen of Fietsberaad, a think tank for cycling and cycling infrastructure. “Particularly for people over 46 years old the electric bike is a very popular means of transport and some 10% of the people in this group owns an e-bike.”

Some 5% of all bicycles in the Netherlands is an e-bike today. According to Fietsberaad it won’t be long before the this percentage will rise to 20% and the e-bike ownership will be equally divided among younger people.



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