PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla Model S with 85kWh battery can be fast charged in 30 minutes.

Tesla Not Waiting For Others to Catch Up

Tesla's Supercharger network is designed to service its own suitably-equipped Model S electric cars.

Published: 30-Nov-2012

Zipping down Interstate 5 in a sleek silver Tesla Model S en route to Los Angeles from San Francisco the only sound I hear is a century-old gasoline-powered paradigm being smashed.

Tesla Motors chief executive Elon Musk may have his eye on establishing a colony on Mars but during my late October road trip I had gone where only one person had gone before (Damn you, Bradley Berman of The New York Times): A 400-mile journey down the coast in six hours in an electric car without spending a dime on fuel, emitting any carbon, and most importantly, making any compromises.

Zero to 60 in 4.4 seconds? Every chance I got. Blow away an obnoxious BMW 7 Series driver tailgating me? He he he. Cruise for hours at a battery-draining 80 mph without nervously eyeing the range indicator every five seconds. Yep. Keep the massive sunroof open the entire journey despite the added wind resistance. Absolutely.


Tesla Roadster will be offered as Final Edition priced at $109,000.

15 Final Edition models are all painted in Atomic Red paint with dark stripes and anthracite aluminum wheels.

Tesla Model X will seat seven.

Crossover model will be priced between $55,000 to $75,000 depending on battery options.

More than 600 people have pre-ordered the Tesla Model X crossover.

Tesla has secured over 650 buyers for the its new crossover, all-electric car.


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