PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet Spark EV introduced at 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Are Electric Car Prices About To Drop?

Chevrolet Spark EV will sell for under $25,000US after $7,500 federal rebate,and some California buyers will get an additional $2,500US state rebate.

Published: 04-Dec-2012

Don't be surprised to see a decline in electric car prices over the next several months.

When Chevrolet introduced its Spark EV at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, it said the car will sell for less than $25,000 after a federal tax rebate. That would be lower than the prices of electric vehicles on the market now, although there are attractive lease deals.

The Leaf starts at $28,550 after the federal tax credit. California buyers get an additional $2,500 state rebate. Nissan also offers the Leaf through a 36-month lease for $199 a month with a $1,999 down payment in some regions of the U.S.


Waikato University-built electric car. Photo credit: PETER DRURY/ Waikato Times

Waikato University electric car has cruise speed of 80 km/h and range 150 km per charge.

President Obama inspects Chevrolet Volt at GM's Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant.

Center for American Progress' Daniel J. Weiss and Jackie Weidman explain why the USA needs to "pave the road for 21st century vehicles."

Aptera 2e prototype; company closed its doors late in 2011.

2011 has seen the production globally of some 50,000 electric cars, but it's also been a bumpy road, reports USA Today.


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