US Gov't Launches New Electric Car Battery Program

$120US research project aims to develop more affordable batteries for electric vehicles.

Published: 04-Dec-2012

The Obama administration launched a fresh $120-million research project Friday, aimed at developing cheaper batteries for electric vehicles, a sector that has faltered despite billions of dollars of prior government investment.

The Energy Department will dole out the money over five years to establish a research hub for batteries and energy storage, backed by five national laboratories, five Midwestern universities and four private firms.

The four companies joining the project are Dow Chemical Co, Applied Materials Inc, Johnson Controls Inc and Clean Energy Trust.


First generation Toyota Prius uses nickel metal hydride batteries with remarkable durability.

Reader asks Globe and Mail's Richard Russell how long batteries will last in an electric or hybrid car, and what will be replacement cost?

VIA electric truck, one of several models offered by the company.

A123 has 22 transportation programs under signed contracts with automakers including GM and SAIC Motor Corp.

Nissan LEAF battery will have estimated 70% capacity after 10 years.

Nissan North America has teamed up with ABB, 4R Energy and Sumitomo Corporation of America to figure out the best way to store and reuse the batteries


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