US Military to US Electric Vehicles for Grid Energy Storage

Three U.S. military bases will participate in research program to evaluate the ability of electric vehicles to serve as energy storage devices in support of a microgrid and provide grid ancillary services

Published: 04-Dec-2012

Can electric vehicles help protect a military base from power disruptions? Well, maybe not entirely, but they could help make a base microgrid secure.

That proposition will be tested at Fort Carson, Colo., one of three military installations where a joint project of the departments of Defense and Energy – called SPIDERS, for Smart Power Infrastructure Demonstration for Energy Reliability and Security – is unfolding.

The Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $7 milllion contract for work on the Fort Carson project, and the Southwest Research Institute, in San Antonio, is in on the EV component.


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Smith Newton EV electric truck with bi-directional charging capability.

US Defense Department is running a year-long test to determine feasibility of using electric vehicles like the Smith Newton stake bed electric truck for energy storage with potential savings of up to $7,300 per vehicle per year.


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