Electric Cars Starting to Catch On in US

Nationwide, more than 40,000 plug-in electric vehicles have been sold in the last two years, and in one year, sales tripled.

Published: 04-Dec-2012

Behind the wheel in an empty spot of his Cherry Hill law firm's parking lot, Peter Spirgel grinned wickedly. Then he floored it.

Whooah! The Tesla sedan - a Model S Performance, for those who attend to such details - shot from a standstill.

Just eight days into ownership, Spirgel was still like a giddy kid, noting the luxury details, the 17-inch screen that governs everything - "like driving an iPad" a friend said - and, not least, the engineering marvel of a top-end electric car.


Chevrolet Volt (top), Nissan LEAF (below).

Leaf sales increased 617 percent, year-over-year, while sales of the Volt increased 264 percent, according to the latest sales number from February.

Ford Focus EV now be leased for $199 a month.

As a percentage of total vehicle sales, Leaf sales in B.C. are more than double those in any other province.

Plugged in Ford electric vehicle.

Pike Research forecast for 2020 includes worldwide sales of electric and hybrid class vehicles, with the company reporting plug-in electric sales reaching 120,000 in 2012.


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