PHOTO CAPTION: ELF solar-electric trike

ELF is Solar-Powered Electric Trike

363 kg ELF will cost $3,900 and is designed for pollution-free delivery in urban centers.

Published: 05-Dec-2012

We here at autoevolution strongly support the integration of small electric motors into bicycles, because we say that the electric motor is perfectly suited for that application. On a pedal-powered vehicle, the electric engine acts as a generator when not in use, so you never really have to plug it in, you just need to charge it by moving your feet, in a circular motion - good for your health and very green!

Organic Transit Vehicles, a North Carolina-based company have been trying out their ELF solar-assisted trike through town, ahead of a public sales debut in the fall of 2013. It is basically a trike, with one wheel at the back, which is both pedal-operated, and electrically assisted, with the electric motor receiving current from both the electric motor/generator, and the Sun.

Since it doesn’t require that much energy to get moving, the Sun will make a valuable contribution and will undoubtedly make your journey as green as possible. The total range, without having to pedal or plug it in, is somewhere in the region of 50 km (30 miles) - more than enough, as you should be able to extend the range with your legs!


Elf computer renderings. Tricycle would be human and electric-assist powered.

Elf electric-assist tricycle can carry up to 350 pounds of cargo and is powered by both the driver and an electric motor running off a 480-watt lithium battert, with a range of up to 30 miles.

Organic Transit's human-hybrid tricycle. Photo credit:Indy Week

Tiny human-electric hybrid vehicles can be both pedaled and powered by solar-charged electric motor.

Mark Steward pauses briefly in his 1,200 mile trip back home. Photo credit: NPR.

As Mark Stewart pedals his solar-hybrid tricycle from Durham, NC, the home of Organic Transit, back to his home in Cambridge, MASS, he's generating a lot of positive media attention.


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