Tesla Model S Blows Away the Competition

From Consumer Reports to Motor Trend, all-electric luxury sedan is earning accolades from reviewers and the motoring press.

Published: 05-Dec-2012

As year-end automobile awards arrive, the vehicle that's revving ahead of the pack is a car that can't rev at all. The all-electric Tesla Model S won "car of the year" from Motor Trend magazine, Automobile Magazine, and Yahoo Autos – as well as Popular Mech­anics' award for technical innovation.

"We've driven almost every electric car made, and tested most, but the Tesla Model S comes as a revelation," writes Consumer Reports, which, as of press time, had not named its car of the year. "These guys are serious about demolishing every obstacle that stands in the way of the electric car."

Worried that all-electrics can't keep up with your lifestyle? The American-made Model S can travel 140 to 265 miles on a single charge, depending on the size of its battery pack.


Tesla Roadster will be offered as Final Edition priced at $109,000.

15 Final Edition models are all painted in Atomic Red paint with dark stripes and anthracite aluminum wheels.

Tesla Model X will seat seven.

Crossover model will be priced between $55,000 to $75,000 depending on battery options.

More than 600 people have pre-ordered the Tesla Model X crossover.

Tesla has secured over 650 buyers for the its new crossover, all-electric car.


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