Rome to Host First FIA Formula E Race

In addition to Rome, Italy, Rio di Janeiro was the first city to commit to the series in August.

Published: 05-Dec-2012

Motor racing's quiet revolution gathers pace with the launch of Formula E and a 14-race series in 2014.

Rome is the first European city to announce that it will stage a round of the inaugural FIA Formula E series for electric-powered racers in 2014.

Rio di Janeiro was the first city to commit to the series, in August. There are expected to be 10 urban races in all in the first Formula E championship. The organiser, Formula E Holdings (FEH), which has signed an agreement with the FIA to promote the new championship for cars powered exclusively by electric energy, says it has already received interest from a large number of cities and will soon define the list of venues that will be proposed to the FIA for the first season.


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