PHOTO CAPTION: Official opening of Oakland Airport charging station.

U.S. Airports Offer Electric Car Charging

Jim Motovali finds more U.S. airports now offering electric car charging.

Published: 07-Dec-2012

Electric vehicle charging at airports is such a no-brainer—fly off and come back to a charged (and probably pre-heated) car—that it might make sense to write about cities that don’t have it. Instead, here’s a quick, non-definitive guide to what some forward-thinking regional facilities are doing, moving from the east coast to the west. All chargers are 240-volt, Level 2, unless otherwise specified, and all details are subject to change. Feel free to add more about you know, or have experienced, in the comments.

Logan Airport, Boston

The airport combined state and federal grants totaling $114,000 to install 13 charging stations in the parking garages, and the Boston Globe reports that many are in “prime locations near the elevators.” Coulomb ChargePoint units are featured, and here’s a map to find three of them. They’re free to use, and users are allowed to stay plugged in as long as they’re away. We hope this doesn’t lead to long-distance travelers hogging the chargers—EV etiquette comes into play here.



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