PHOTO CAPTION: 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid was rated at 39 mpg by Consumer Reports, 8 mpg less than Ford claims.

Consumer Reports Questions Ford Fuel Economy Claims

After testing Ford Fusion Hybrid and C-Max, Consumer Reports finds 10 mpg variance with advertised claims.

Published: 07-Dec-2012

Ford’s hybrid Fusion sedan and C-Max wagon fall short of the company’s fuel economy claims, according to tests by Consumer Reports magazine. Both vehicles have ratings of 47 miles per gallon in city, highway and combined driving. But the magazine, which is known for no-nonsense vehicle tests, said the Fusion delivered 39 mpg overall and the C-Max logged 37 mpg during its evaluations.

The magazine said the two Fords have the biggest gaps between their EPA mileage estimates and their actual performance of any current models it has tested.

“After running both vehicles through our real-world tests, we have gotten very good results. But they are far below Ford’s ambitious triple-47 figures,” Consumer Reports said.


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