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PHOTO CAPTION: H-Ker electric motorcycle designed for racing schools.

French Debut H-Ker First Electric Racing Bike

The bike can be loaded with two types of batteries: a 7.9 kWh or a 9 kWh lithium battery pack, all in a 125cc frame that weighs 155 kg.

Published: 12-Dec-2012

The interest in building and racing electric motorcycles has kep on growing during the last years and we've already seen some nice 2-wheelers rolling by. It's now time to introduce to you the H-Ker First, a new French electric motorcycle built for racing.

The brand's name may seem a bit peculiar in the first place, but after learning that the two guys behind this prototype are named Francois-Xavier Huille and Yves Kerlo, things start to make more sense. As for the model name, there's really nothing to be explained.

The H-Ker First looks nice and shows some neat flowing curves, for starters. It somehow reminds us of the older Ducatis, and that's really nice. The bike can be loaded with two types of batteries: a 7.9 kWh or a 9 kWh, both with Lithium technology, loaded engine and all inside a "hypersport" 125cc frame and weighing in at 150 kg (331 lbs).


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