PHOTO CAPTION: Philippine school girls ride in ADB co-founded electric tricycle taxis.

ADB Makes $300M Loan for Philippines E-Trike Taxi Fleet

Philippine government also will provide a $99-million counterpart funding for the E-trikes project to deploy more of the electric taxis.

Published: 12-Dec-2012

MANILA, Philippines - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is extending a $300-million loan to the Philippines to develop a fleet of clean, energy efficient electric tricycles, or E-Trikes.

In a statement issued today, the Manila-based lender said that the loan, which is in line with the government's plan to develop a national e-vehicle industry, will replace 100,000 gasoline-burning tricycles that service thousands of commuters in Metro Manila and other key urban centers.

"This project can help transform transportation in the Philippines, and positions the country as a leader in electric vehicle development in Asia," said Neeraj Jain, ADB's Country Director for the Philippines.


e-Jeepney is electric-powered shuttle used in Manila.

Manila Standard's Dean Tony La ViƱa explores the potential of combining electric vehicles and the electric power grid, one that increasingly makes use of renewable sources.


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