Trans-Canada Becoming Electric Highway

Trans-Canada Highway now offers emission-free and free of charge charging stations the breadth of Canada.

Published: 13-Dec-2012

A group doing a cross-country tour has some encouraging news for those of you contemplating -- or who already have -- an electric vehicle.

There are now more charging stations for you to power up at across Canada, Sun Country Highway said Wednesday in Regina.

“We’ve installed charging stations from coast-to-coast and are allowing people with electric vehicles to now travel from sea to sea across the longest, greenest highway in the world, which is the Trans-Canada Highway, emission free and free of charge,” said the group’s president and founder Kent Rathwell.


Electric moped is too underpowered for most roadways. Note the pedals, which are, given the weight of the vehicles, useless.

Editorial by National Post seeks to differentiate e-mopeds, what they call e-scooters, from electric assisted bicycles.

Albert tar sands extraction thought to be linked to high incidences of cancer in men around the region.

UC Irvine and the University of Michigan researchers not only found Beijing-levels of air pollution but also high incidence of blood cancers such as leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma among men in the area.


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