PHOTO CAPTION: Jaguar C-X75 plug-in hybrid

Jaguar C-X75 Cancelled

The car was said to develop 888 horsepower between its front and rear electric motors, and 590 pounds-feet of torque.

Published: 13-Dec-2012

British luxury automaker Jaguar has cancelled plans to build a hybrid supercar, the company said today.

The C-X75 plug-in hybrid supercar was originally set for launch in late 2013, following on from a concept car which used jet turbines as a range-extending powerplant.

According to Autocar, those plans have now been shelved, owing to the current global recession. Global brand director Adrian Hallmark described it as "the wrong time to launch an £800,000 to £1 million [$1.3m-$1.6m] supercar."


Jaguar XJ_e Plug-In Hybrid concept.

The XJ_e investigates how a 5.0-litre V8 engine could be replaced by an advanced 2.0-litre hybrid powertrain to deliver similar performance and refinement.

Jaguar XJ_e prototype electric hybrid gets equivalent to 112 mpg in 2012 RAC Future Car Challenge

Trio of experimental plug-in XJ_e luxury cars used only 1.2 litres of petrol and 11kWh of electricity over a 63 mile course, equivalent to some 112 miles per gallon.


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