CalStart Commemorates 20th Anniversary

CalStart is founded in 1992 in wake of then-pending wind down of the state's aerospace industry.

Published: 13-Dec-2012

News about electric powertrain vehicles, hybrids, charging stations, plug-in hybrids, and the alternative fuel vehicle industry at large is plentiful nowadays. The industry is burgeoning, but where, or rather when, was the industry conceived?

No single person, agency, or company can lay claim to birthing the green car revolution. But for the past 20 years infrequently heard of Calstart has been instrumental in advancing the notion of alternative fuel vehicles and related business from hopeful fantasy to a viable industry and an accepted aspect of many of today’s lifestyles.

Founded in 1992, Calstart was the brainchild of Dr. Leon Bell, an engineer that saw an opportunity to utilize the scientific minds of so many that were finding themselves idle following the then-pending wind down of the aerospace industry.



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