PHOTO CAPTION: Electric scooter used by Green Scooter in Buenos Aires.

Electric Scooter Shop Brings 'Green' Tourism to Buenos Aires

The Green Scooter rents its electric motor scooters for 190 pesos, responding to a convergence of economic trends and infrastructure issues.

Published: 17-Dec-2012

BUENOS AIRES — Housed in a small storefront in the leafy Palermo Soho neighborhood, Leandro Brumatti and Cristián Moraco’s new electric scooter rental company, The Green Scooter, is more than an eco-flavored tourist service. It’s also a reflection of the collapsing state of the Argentine capital’s transportation infrastructure.

Buenos Aires is not alone in its transportation problems. The world population has recently become more urban than rural, a trend especially visible in the developing world. As people crowd into unprepared cities with overwhelmed streets and public transportation, the need for agile, low impact vehicles has become more important. In this context, services like Brumatti and Moraco’s are becoming a worldwide trend.

As with many entrepreneurial ventures, the idea for the Green Scooter came about as a way to solve a problem. On a vacation in Rio de Janeiro last summer, Brumatti felt unsatisfied with the transportation available. He yearned for a way to get around that offered the ease of a bike without the work, the economical nature of public transportation without the crowds and wait, and the lazy freedom of a car without the parking and expense.


Yamaha Eco-3 Electric Scooter

Electric motorbike sales account for less than one percent of overall motorcycle sales in Europe in 2011.

Police testing Diggler stand-up scooter.

While stand up scooters were cost effective, officers fleet more vulnerable than riding a bicycle or even walking.

Mobility scooters becoming popular as local runabouts in Britain, reports The Sun newspaper. Photo credit: Geoff Robinson

Most mobility scooters are limited to 4-8 mph, but at least one has been tuned up to be able to do 70 mph.


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