Renault Nissan Ramp Up Electric Car Production

Neil Winton wonders if the French-Japanese alliance are putting too much faith into people accepting electric cars.

Published: 17-Dec-2012

It's depressing when you organize a party and nobody shows up.

That must be how the Renault-Nissan alliance feels as its showrooms fill up with electric cars that can't find homes.

Most manufacturers hedged their bets a bit as electric cars were hailed as the way to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and consumption of fossil fuel. No matter that in fact electric cars merely transfer the production of CO2 to often coal-fired power stations, cost more than twice as much as regular cars, and have mediocre and unpredictable range.


Renault Kangoo ZE now available in the UK.

Twenty one Z.E. Expert sites now live and ready to offer the full range of sales and after-sales services for Renault’s electric vehicle customers.

Renault Twizy electric 'runabout'

The souped-down Twizy 45 version that doesn’t require a driver’s license in France and has a top speed of 45 kilometers an hour will retail for €6,990 ($9,000).

Renault Samsung SM3 demonstrator

All-electric SM3 will travel up to 160 kilometers on a 250 kg lithium-ion battery that can be replaced through a fully automated battery station in less than 90 seconds.


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