Nissan LEAF Drivers Surpass Volt Owners in Electric Miles

The actual number is 113.7 million for Leaf drivers globally, and 106.8 million for drivers of the Chevy Volt range-extended electric car.

Published: 17-Dec-2012

Two weeks ago, Green Car Reports noted that drivers of the Chevrolet Volt had covered 100 million electric miles.

What they neglected to note at the time was that Nissan Leaf drivers are keeping pace, having covered more than 100 million electric miles as well.

And it's appropriate to note that total today, just one day after the two-year anniversary of the first Nissan Leaf delivery to take place in the U.S.


Blink DC fast charger at Cracker Barrel store in Tennessee.

Despite Blink charger on the blink, Stephen Smith and his family make the 180 mile drive across Tennessee in their Nissan LEAF.

Nissan LEAF retails for just over $35,000 before federal and state tax credits.

'Gort Cloud' author Richard Seireeni shares his experiences with his family's Nissan LEAF.

First Nissan LEAF delivered to private citizen in USA.

Olivier Chalouhi of Mountain View, California has put 15,000 trouble-free miles on his Nissan LEAF electric car and now enjoys HOV lane access.


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