PHOTO CAPTION: Elon Musk and Tesla will continue to 'piss off' EV haters.

Electric Vehicles in 2013

Jeff Siegel sees the market for EVs continuing to gradually mature to the discomfort of electric car haters.

Published: 22-Dec-2012

There are a handful of analysts who believe electric cars will never be anything more than a giant failure.

And there's one in particular who's actually made a nice little name for himself bashing electric cars over the past few years. I'm not going to tell you his name, because I don't want to give him any publicity. I believe his intentions to be dishonorable and his analysis dishonest.

Still, he's a pretty smart guy who presents arguments that tend to be quite persuasive to those who don't know much about electric car development. I often get emails from readers that quote him, asking whether or not his analysis is sound.


Volkswagen e-Golf electric car prototype.

Pike Research issues predictions for next year that also sees competition from compressed natural gas, along with growth of e-bike market in USA.


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