PHOTO CAPTION: 25 perecent of all bicycles Gazalle sells in Holland are electric-assist; a percentage expect to rise to 40% in three years.

Dutch Bicycle Company Sees 40% Electric-Assist Sales By 2016

Celebrating its 120th anniversary Gazelle now sells 25% of its products at electric-assist and forecasts that by 2016 this will rise to 40%.

Published: 23-Dec-2012

DIEREN, the Netherlands – Pon Holding’s owned Gazelle invited Princess Margriet, member of the Dutch Royal Family, to celebrate the production of the 14 millionth Gazelle last Friday. The Dutch icon bicycle brand is also celebrating its 120 anniversary.

The jubilee model of Gazelle is, of course, an e-bike. At the moment 25% of all bicycles sold by Gazelle are e-bikes. According to Gazelle 2013 will mark the breakthrough of the electric bicycles among younger customers. A growing number of commuters will start to use the e-bike as an alternative for a car or public transport.

Prior to final assembly of the jubilee bike by Princess Margriet, Gazelle’s GM Jaap Merkus explained what those 14 million bikes means in statistics: it stands for 210 million kilogram of steel, 4.2 billion parts and components, assembled by 7,000 Gazelle employees. If you would put those 14 million Gazelle bike in a row, it would stretch from the Netherlands as far as Hawaii.



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