America's Top Five Electric Car-Friendly Communities

Both Ford and the EDTA cite the communities across America that have the most electric vehicle-friendly policies and strategies: Austin, Normal, Mercer Island, Los Angeles, and Boston

Published: 26-Dec-2012

Making a New Year’s resolution to go green in 2013? Choosing an electric or hybrid vehicle can take a huge bite out of your carbon footprint. Aside from issues of high price and longevity, there’s another issue for drivers to tackle when making decisions about their next vehicle: will their hometown make it impossible/painful to use?

Infrastructure, mainly in the form of conveniently-located charging stations, is paramount to EV adoption. We’ve got gas stations everywhere we look, but when’s the last time you passed an EV charging station? Exactly.

In 2011, Ford published a list of its picks for the most EV-friendly cities in America. Criteria for scoring well on the list included a utilities structure that allows off-peak charging, reduced red tape for getting EV permits and inspections, incentives for offsetting up-front customer costs, urban plans for charging infrastructure, and EV-friendly city advisory committees.


Electric motor being installed in gasoline car conversion. $4,000 tax credit would also be eliminated.

Tax credit for both home and commercial charging stations, worth $1000 and $30,000 respectively will expire December 31, 2011.

EV World blogger Peder Norby

EV World blogger Peder Norby shares his experiences driving his electric Mini-E, powering it from sunlight.

Ridekick electric-assist trailer

The motorized trailer quickly hooks onto an existing bicycle, pushing it to speeds of up to 19 mph for up to 12 miles.


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