Scottish Electric Car Incentive Funds Unspent

Of the £7.8m handed to Scottish government councils, about £5.5m has been spent by local authorities on the programme since 2010.

Published: 31-Dec-2012

MORE than £2 million of taxpayers’ cash handed to Scotland’s councils to spend on SNP government green transport schemes is lying unused in bank accounts.

The Scottish Government has allocated almost £8m to local authorities to encourage them to use electrical vehicles to deliver key council services. However, more than £2m of this money has still not been spent, according to figures released under Freedom of Information. Some councils have yet to spend any of their allocation, with a third of authorities not even having electrical charging points to power up the green vehicles.

The Scottish Government has heavily promoted environmentally-friendly transport and wants to subsidise green vehicles as part of its low-carbon vehicle support scheme. Ministers claim the planned increased use of electric vehicles will help reduce carbon emissions by 42 per cent by 2020 as well as leading to reduced costs for motorists.


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