PHOTO CAPTION: Fisker Karma and Opel Ampera being charged in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Are Electric Cars Becoming a Reality?

Colleague of Shell Climate Change Advisor David Hone takes telling photograph of two electric hybrids being charged at same charging point in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Published: 31-Dec-2012

Shortly before Christmas a colleague of mine photographed a busy electric charging point in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Hooked up to the charging point are a Chevy Volt (Opel Ampera in the EU) and a Fisker Karma. Many such charging poles have appeared in London in recent years but I have yet to see anything approaching a “real car” actually using them. On the rare occasion that a charging pole is being used the vehicle is typically the “golf buggy” style electric car, such as the G-Wiz. But if this picture is any indication of a trend, something is certainly happening in the Netherlands.

I did find some data on electric car uptake in the Netherlands on another blog site. As of September, there were some 5000 registered vehicles. But the originator of that data now shows nearly 7000 vehicles by the end of November. This is a growth rate of about 10% per month!!


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