PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan's e-NV 200 prototype taxi cruises New York City street.

Electric Taxis May Be Headed to Hong Kong

Nissan, BYD, Toyota and Fiat are planning to introduce taxi version of their electric vehicles.

Published: 31-Dec-2012

Electric vehicles are making their presence known in Hong Kong—in the form of taxicabs. Early adopters are quite critical, of course, of the standard EV issues (small driving range, charging infrastructure, and so on), but Hong Kong in particular suffers from a major emissions problem, and vehicular pollution accounts for almost 17 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions according to the government.

Back in April, numbers for EVs were dismal. Out of more than 550,000 vehicles in the city, just 310 were wholly electric. However, now that taxi companies are increasingly mulling over transitioning to EVs, it could mean a significant victory for electric vehicles considering there are more than 18,000 taxicabs plying Hong Kong’s roads.

Nissan (TYO: 7201), for example, stated that it would introduce 50 Leaf EV taxis in 2013 and follow that up with 100 NV200 electric vans. These latter are already pegged for use as taxicabs in London and New York.


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